Neti Workshop for Pollen Allergy 

Safe Nasal Cleansing or Nasal Irrigation

Neti is a  great, natural way to relieve nasal congestion and allergies. They have been a part of Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years. But it is important to do it correctly else it is not a pleasant experience while doing it and after. So join this workshop and say goodbye to allergy medication forever!


Date: 05.04.21 (Easter Monday)

Time: 11:00-12:00

Location: Online, Zoom

Price: 15€ per person

You will need a Neti pot, warm water, salt, a large bowl and 2 towels.

Neti pot alternatives: small teapot, large syringe or nasal rinse bottle

Main Content of the Workshop: Jal Neti, Ghee Neti, Sutra Neti, Bhastika and Kapalbati Pranayama.

What and Why Neti?

Neti is a technique to cleanse the nasal passages. It is a cleansing process related to the upper part of the respiratory system. 

Neti cleanses the cranium, gives clear sight and alleviates diseases that manifest above the root of the neck (H.P verse 30). Neti removes foreign bodies like allergens, dust and enhances the drainage of sinuses by preventing stasis of mucus. It also increases blood circulation and the functional efficiency of the nasal mucosa. Neti provides a relaxing and irrigating effect upon the eyes by stimulating the tear ducts and glands. It has a positive effect on cognitive faculties like memory, concentration and is beneficial in reducing anxiety and depression. 

This helps to keep at bay conditions like sinusitis, cold, cough, allergic rhinitis and insensitivity to smell