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How is a Live Web Yoga Class better than Youtube videos or Live yoga streaming?

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Here are some quick pointers which show you why and how opting for Live-Web-Yoga class is better than Youtube videos or Live yoga streaming on instagram or any other platform.

1. The teacher can see you and correct you. #doitright

Yes, the teacher can see every student on Gallery view and can correct it immediately. If you are not able to reach the pose, the teacher can also give you some quick tips and help you.

TIP: It is important for you to be in a bright room and your webcam must be able to capture your entire body while you are standing erect. Head to toe, even better if 1 meter above you is visible.

“Do what is right, not what is easy.”

- Roy T. Bennett

2. Q&A time with the teacher is possible. #getanswers

Anytime you have a question regarding a pose, a prayer or technique, you do not have to google it, you can ask the teacher! If you have an emotional release or have to discuss something personal related to your health, that is also possible after the class. A good teacher will always take the time to listen to your issues and help you in resolving them.

"One who never asks either knows everything or nothing."

- Malcolm Forbes

3. Initially, before the class begins, you can see and talk to other students. Gives a community feeling. #yogaparty #stoploneliness

Yes! The web meeting would be ON at least 5-10mins before and after the class which will give you the time to say "Hello!" and talk to other students. This gives a yoga community feeling. And soon you have a yoga buddy! Or even better, you and your friends can do web classes together!

"Because happiness is only real when shared."

-Christopher McCandless

4. You can tell the teacher about your health issues. #safe

Not all asanas are for everyone. Health issues could be minor, it does not have to be a broken knee or a tumour to talk to the teacher. Migraine, low or high blood pressure, diabetes, irregular periods, period pains, asthma, snoring, backaches, fatigue, flat foot, varicose veins, indigestion, giddiness, old injures etc. are some health issues that are partially or completely curable by Yoga. One can also discuss mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, work-life imbalance, lack of focus/concentration, etc.

TIP: Always tell your teacher if you are pregnant, have heart problems, have recent surgery or have any other major health information.

"Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured"

- B.K.S. Iyengar

5. 60-90 mins class. #longer

Most of the youtube or live Instagram streams are between 2-20mins. But the web classes are 45-90 mins excluding the discussion times. When you are in a class, you will push yourself through and not take unnecessary breaks or procrastinate by watching random videos. One also needs time to clear their mind and relax.

“You need to empty your mind, and relax each other muscle group until you feel like you are going to melt into the floor. Then you just let it all go. All the expectations, all the unneeded worry, all the things other people want for you but you don't want for yourself.” - Kasie West

6. No need to pause and play. #continuity

If the videos are too fast to follow simultaneously, then you will have to pause and play. This could be kind of a mood killer. Or if you decide to do it on your own, then your mind is still working, thinking about the next warming up exercise or Asana. In a Live Yoga session, you leave this work for the teacher and completely relax.

“Relax and rejuvenate your sacred-spirit.” - Lailah Gifty Akita

7. Weekly classes bring in discipline. #noexcuses

You plan to do yoga for 15 minutes every day at 8:00. Seems like a very doable plan, right? You do it the first day and feel proud of yourself. The next day you are somehow busy in the morning and you move the 15mins to 11:00. It is 11:00, still no time. Finally, you start at 3:00 and do your 15 minutes. The next day you completely forget it or skip and you convince yourself that it was only one day. Then you never do it again. Sounds familiar?

Schedule monthly yoga plans and pay for them. It brings in more commitment and discipline.

“Self-discipline is that mental state of commitment, which gets you performing an activity regardless of your feelings.”

- Anonymous

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