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Corporate Yoga Offers

Yoga Class
Weekend yoga retreats
for team building

Complete personalised packages with accommodation, food, yoga sessions, day hikes and other activities for your company and your team needs.

Near Munich, weekend yoga retreats are arranged in close by locations such as Tegernsee, Kempten, Chiemsee etc. Your company not in Munich? No worries, we can arrange for yoga retreats anywhere in Europe!

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Online Yoga offers

Deadlines, meetings, excel sheets, strategies, and diverse opinions lead to stress and anxiety. And when they are not managed properly, you end up with Burnout, reduced efficiency, mental and physical illnesses. Setting aside a few minutes for Yoga at work can increase your bandwidth and productivity, leave you feeling fresh and light and empowered to do more with power and passion.

Get a personalised quote for your company needs here!

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