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Yoga Class

Postnatal Yoga


(Berlin Time)

Wednesday 11:00-11:30

No Previous Yoga experience is required.


It is preferable to start postnatal yoga after the rückbildungs course from a Hebamme. You can start Postnatal yoga from the 4th month to 1 year after delivery. 


5 x 30 mins sessions/month - 25€

(Online only and not covered by health insurance)

Mother and Baby

Mama & Baby Yoga

  • Physical exercises do’s and don’ts.

  • Effective Asanas to build back pelvic muscles, core and strengthen your spine.

  • Pranayama (breathing exercises) for calming down.

  • Mudras and Meditation to manage depression and anxiety.

  • Gaining back your energy and normal/healthy body after delivery.

Exercising with Baby
  • Decrease the risk of postpartum depression.

  • Reduced muscle tension.

  • Increased energy.

  • Find a sense of calm and managing anxiety.

  • Reduce irritability and anger.

  • Build up strength.

  • Minimises the effects of holding and feeding a baby.

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