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Eco Friendly Cork Yoga Mats

Chakra Design Yoga Mat.jpg
Mandala Design Yoga Mat.jpg

Introducing our eco-friendly yoga mat, designed to elevate your practice with sustainability and functionality in mind. This mat features a top layer made from high-quality cork, known for its natural grip and anti-slip properties, providing you with a stable foundation during your yoga sessions. The rubber base ensures durability and stability, giving you peace of mind as you move through your poses.

Our cork yoga mat is not only environmentally friendly but also offers excellent cushioning and support for your joints, making it ideal for all levels of practice. Experience the perfect balance between comfort, grip, and sustainability with our premium cork top and rubber base yoga mat. Join the eco-conscious movement while enhancing your yoga practice today!

Length: 183cm, Width: 66cm, Thickness: 5mm

Price: 80€ (+postal charges 6€)

Order your yoga mat now. Write me a message with your address and complete the payment. You will receive your yoga mat in the next 4 working days. Delivery is possible only within Germany.

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